The Scars of a Father's Love


One afternoon, a young boy decided to go swimming in a shallow lake near his home in Florida. Just after he jumped in and started to swim, his father …



Everyone has them now and then, some of us struggle with them, and certain daily occurrences can cause us to have one. Yes, those attitudes we can …

You Win Regardless of the Score


That sounds nice: to never be on the loosing end. Well it can be that way, and it is when you’re on the right team. Some people would like to switch …

Most Know the Answer


In everyday life there are many ups and downs, many cares, and some joy. Life at times is somewhat of a roller coaster experience. When life is good, …

We Must Dream


There are many of us who dream; we think thoughts of tomorrow and wish for better ones to come. There is nothing wrong with dreams. God Himself puts …

Peace Be Still


You will find a parable Jesus taught in the gospel of a time when He and His disciples, as well as others, were crossing the Sea of Galilee. During …

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