Laboring for Nothing


Isaiah 49:4 is an interesting scripture that says, “But I said, ‘I’ve toiled in vain. I have spent my strength for nothing and vanity, yet surely the …

What God will Render to You


Everyone of us will do different things during our lifetimes and some of us will accomplish things that others may want to accomplish or have already …

What Regrets Will We Have?


The Bible tells us that mankind is appointed to die here on earth, but this is not our final destination. You and I have watched people pass away, …

Why Are the Righteous Taken So Soon?


Have you ever wondered why the righteous are taken so soon? This is a question that has always troubled me, as I’m sure it has troubled others. Why …

Delayed Gratification


How many of us want it now: that new house or new car? It could be a variety of different things, but most of us want it now. That’s what seems to be …

Your Inheritance


Many people in life really miss so much of living it out. They spend so much of their time trying to build for this world or fight for a piece of …

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