Mark Taylor

Investing for Others


Robert Morrison was born into an agricultural family in 1780. He was an average student and a very hard worker. At age 15, Robert gave his life to …

The Worst Form of Cancer


When we hear the word “cancer,” it sends our world into disarray. It doesn’t matter if it concerns us or someone we know, our hearts hurt and our …

What is Gained Through Prayer


What is gained through prayer must be maintained through prayer. How many times has someone you know (or you yourself) ran out of answers? Problems …

Trying to Get to Heaven on a Treadmill


Everyone knows what a treadmill is. Probably some of you have one. A treadmill basically keeps you from getting somewhere. You are pretending to walk …

Religion Without Jesus


It is pretty simple because that’s what you get when Jesus is left out of any equation in life- some manmade religious belief. Jesus and God’s Word …

It Must Be Personal


Jesus said as He went to the cross that He came to make all things new. The old was finished at the cross, the new began. When Jesus came on the …

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