Religion Without Jesus

It is pretty simple because that’s what you get when Jesus is left out of any equation in life- some manmade religious belief. Jesus and God’s Word go together because Jesus is the Living Word. Each week across this world many services that are held at church locations are nothing more than religious gatherings where people hear about Jesus but have no real relationship with Him.

This shows up, of course, in the lives of the people who attend, and there can be a great difference of opinions due to mankind’s denominational standard or personal beliefs from how one should dress to how they should worship, from the latest to the traditional. There can be many meetings held that are only religious and void of who Jesus really wants to be in people’s lives.

There is no one way that works except God’s way. People are just fooling themselves who believe they can show up, give some offering, join a church and even serve in it- and merely be caught up in nothing more than religion.

Jesus came to save and change people’s lives, that people would understand God as He really is. But somewhere people developed their own ways and then developed religion in some forms. Christian or not, there are a bunch of them out there. But any without Jesus are worthless and will lead people away from the truth.

By: Mark Taylor
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