What is Gained Through Prayer

What is Gained Through Prayer

What is gained through prayer must be maintained through prayer. How many times has someone you know (or you yourself) ran out of answers? Problems have overtaken their lives to the point that they are ready to go to church and draw close to God because there are no options left.

We are all guilty of reading our Bible, praying more and attending church more regularly when troubles arise, hoping that God will hear us and help us. It is too bad, but for a lot of people, this is the cycle of their lives. God loves us enough that He sometimes creates these opportunities for us to return to him.

How many times has somebody slacked off again after God has rescued them? They received the answer they needed, and that seemed to be enough. To have victory and maintain it in your prayer life, you must continue on with it.

If you want to grow in spiritual areas, prayer maintenance is a must. When different areas arise- and they certainly will- you will be prepared to get through the situation much easier.

Look at prayer this way: God will give us a chance to draw closer to Him. We may not understand it at the moment, but He has a plan and you are in it. He will give you opportunities to grow closer to Him if you will stay with Him day after day.

By: Mark Taylor
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