It Must Be Personal

Jesus said as He went to the cross that He came to make all things new. The old was finished at the cross, the new began. When Jesus came on the scene, everything changed. God made Himself as man in the life of His only Son to make a once-and-for-all sacrifice for all people’s sin.

Satan understands this. That is why He fights unmercifully in any way he can to stop us from accepting this covenant. Satan wants us to take the ways of God lightly and believe that this new covenant relationship with Jesus is only a formality to heaven. But Jesus made it personal.

There was no more precious blood that would have been shed than this. This blood has power that no other blood has, and the enemy knows that where the bloodline of Christ shows up, the enemy can’t gain a foothold. What Jesus has done for us is a Holy sacrifice. Nothing else compares. The blood of Christ is the true atonement for mankind’s sin to get us released and forgiven. No other blood can do that. Only Christ.

When Jesus shows up in a matter, hell pays quick attention. Jesus’ death and resurrection ended Satan’s dominion. The Bible warns us not to take communion in an unworthy manner.

I believe far too many take communion without the conviction of the cost of communion. This is not a tradition of men. This is an establishment, a covenant between God and a sinner who has repented of their sins and seeks communion with Jesus. They will have a deeper relationship and respect toward the God who made them.

By: Mark Taylor