Trying to Get to Heaven on a Treadmill

Everyone knows what a treadmill is. Probably some of you have one. A treadmill basically keeps you from getting somewhere. You are pretending to walk or run forward. It is a great machine that helps a lot of people stay in shape.

I believe the idea of the treadmill is also what many people are on as they go through life. People who believe they’re good people think they can basically live as they like and that eventually when they die, they’ll just go on to heaven.

We hear this all the time as some famous, or even not-so-famous, person dies, and there are lots of remarks made over the internet or in media columns about how these people have now made it to heaven. But the Bible says heaven is not populated by people who have simply been good or lived life how they wanted. 

Others may say they have their own religious book that tells them the way, but that is only what it is, for there is only one Word of God ever written. The Holy Scriptures- and nothing else- explain the only real way to heaven: Jesus Christ. And only Jesus opens the door. No other way. The Bible confirms that Jesus is the only Son of God, and that is the only way.

God Himself set it all up. Repent of your sins, accept Jesus as Savior and make Jesus the Lord of your life. Live by his example and teachings. If not, any other way a person takes is like only walking or running on a treadmill, all the time thinking they’re heading to heaven, but never making it.

By: Mark Taylor
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