There's Still Something Left

Awhile back an old friend of mine took his life. It really was a shock to others and me at the time. I began to remember back of some of the funny things that happened in our lives as boys growing up, and it was hard to understand.

This once very lively guy who always enjoyed life and hardly ever met a stranger sank from that to a point of despair and hopelessness. He’d tried to reach out and find God, but with all his problems and struggles he just couldn’t find the peace he so desperately needed.

He shared one of the names of the 1st four Gospels of the New Testament as I do, and I know God had such a better intention for his life than to see it come to an end before his time.

Over the years our lives had changed. He’d chosen one path, I another. Once in a great while our paths would cross, and though we were still friends, our lives had now taken us on different journeys.

I miss him today, as do many others, as he not only was a friend to me but also to others who now experience a gap in their own lives. He was a father and a husband. A man like most men who struggle with the ups-and-downs of life, and yet became so overwhelmed with them they let them close out their own lives. For the rest of us, we must go on, and we too will face many a difficult day. 

This world doesn’t deal fair with anybody, but we can make it because even at the end something is left that we can hold on to; God gave us His word that no matter what, He would never leave us or forsake us. He sent Jesus to show us we can make it. He brings the peace that passes our understanding and the hope for something better to come. 

Call upon Jesus, and He will answer at any time in any place. Be honest and real with Him, for He will be with you.