The Christian Life

Our Mission


I believe, with all that I understand about the Bible at this point and with all that I see happening in the world, that we are living in days of …

God is Just as Big as You are Willing to Let Him Be


Way too many people put God into places where He can’t fit. In fact, the only true way you’ll even come close to know who God is and what He can do …

Putting the Main Thing First


God very much wants to be all you’ll ever need, if you’ll only let Him. The question remains: will you let Him? Most people would never allow others …

The Greatest Audit We Will Ever Face


Most people understand what an audit is and what it is supposed to accomplish. People in government are elected as city auditors, county auditors, …

Have You Ever Considered?


Many of us go about our daily routine in the order and time they need to be completed. We all have tasks that require our attention- work, family and …

Twisting the Bible


God gave words to selected people to be written down years ago. These words have been established as cornerstones for teaching all people the way …

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