The Christian Life

The Challenge to Live Right


For all of us, this world we live in is only the place that will prepare us for eternity, and however many years each one of us have measures up to …

The Changes of Time


Many years ago, part of my family lived in the May area, in Southwest McDonald County of Southwest Missouri. It’s down on Buffalo Creek, west of the …



When asked, nearly every person says they have some sort of a relationship between themselves and God. I’ve hardly ever met someone who doesn’t …

Purposes of the Kingdom


Any person who believes they are here today just because he/she was born is missing life- as well as by-passed plans which were sent out many years …

The Book


Men and women helped to preserve this book ever since the writings first appeared upon the face of this earth. Thousands of years later, it still …

The Plan of Purpose


Did you know that God has completely worked out every detail of your life?  Before you ever drew a breath of air into your lungs God had mapped out …

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