There's a High Cost, but a Great Reward

So many have paid a high price for serving God, and because of what others have sacrificed for, we have seen many blessings; yet today quite a few have forgotten and don’t even care.

The Bible tells us that everyone is called to follow Jesus, but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14). You see, God chooses you, Jesus calls you just like he did the disciples, and yet you decide if you’ll follow Him or not.  

In the book of Luke in the Bible, you can find 12 men Jesus chose to be his first disciples; then afterwards, he later called other men and women as well to follow Him, and many did. Of these disciples, they gave their lives to make a difference, to see the gospel get out to others.

Judas Iscariot became a traitor. He wanted to force Jesus into a confrontation with the rulers of Israel, but Jesus wouldn’t let him, as we see at his trial. So in remorse, when Judas’s plan backfired, he hung himself. But the others…

Andrew, a fisherman, traveled to Russia, Scotland, Greece, and Asia Minor, and preached the gospel until a high official’s wife was healed, and his brother accepted Jesus as Savior. For that, Andrew was also crucified, on an (X) shaped cross.

Nathaniel, believed to be a descendant of Bathsheba and David of the royal bloodline, preached the gospel to Armenia and India, yet was filleted with knives for doing so.

James, the brother of John, also a fisherman, was a man that preached the gospel with courage, and told many about Jesus, and was beheaded by King Herod.

Matthew, the tax collector, went to Ethiopia to preach the Gospel of Christ, and was killed by the sword to die a martyr’s death.

Jude was James’ brother.  He preached the word of the Lord all the way to Iraq.  Many were healed, and yet he died, shot with arrows at Ararat.

James, the bother of Jesus, was stoned to death.

Peter, the big fisherman, went on many missionary journeys around the known world, and ended up being crucified upside down on a cross near Rome.

Philip told the good news of the gospel all over the country of Israel, and was crucified for it near Hierapolis in Israel.

John went to all Israel, then Asia Minor, and finally the Island of Patmos where he was banished, but wrote the gospel and the last book of the bible, Revelation. He is the only one of the twelve original disciples that died of old age.

James the younger preached in Palestine and went to Egypt, where he also was crucified for his preaching.

Simon, a man of faith, spread the gospel all over the territory like Jesus, and was also crucified by the Romans for doing so.

Thomas, the doubter, became a great believer of the Jesus; he preached to Persia and India where he was speared to death for his faith.

Bartholomew was crucified; Stephen was stoned to death.

How about the apostle Paul? He wrote more books of the New Testament than any other writer.  He went all over the known world telling of the gospel of this book.  He was beaten and imprisoned time after time until he was finally taken to Rome and eventually beheaded; it’s believed during the reign of Nero.

How far are you willing to go to see the gospel go forth? Do you send out missionaries, are you one, or will you become one? Remember, many are called, and some will go if someone helps send them.