The Challenge to Live Right

For all of us, this world we live in is only the place that will prepare us for eternity, and however many years each one of us have measures up to nothing that eternity holds for us all. Most of us will choose how we want to live here, but the light of eternity will determine where we will spend it.

In the Bible, the Book of Daniel, we see how the Israelites were taken into captivity by Babylon in “The Land of Iraq.” There, a young man named Daniel and some of his friends were set apart to be trained to serve in the King’s palace.

Daniel studied their culture and ways, and as it says in Daniel 1:5, the King appointed them a daily provision of his delicacies. And as the Book of Daniel goes on chapter after chapter, you can see how God uses Daniels’ life time and time again to exalt Himself, the true God, over the gods of that culture.

How about you? The one True Creator has put you here among this culture and has given you choices and lets you make the decisions about most of those choices. Have you decided to take all those offerings the world has, like going to places or allowing your family to be involved in activities that have nothing to do with honoring the True God? 

Or have you visited the casinos and gambled God’s money- just for entertainment, of course. Have you chosen to dress like many in the culture do, or have you decided to be modest, not to accept those cultural values and to stand out differently? 

Remember, God has chosen you to affect the culture you live in and be one that points others to who the True God is and wants to be to them. So is that what you are doing?