Society and Culture

The Christian and the Casino


There is a growing population of our so-called school fundraisers; by another name they are called casinos. Right now in the county next to where I …

Selling Off the Things of God


The day in which the church now lives has become a much different place than 100 years ago. It’s not because God has changed, for He’s the same as He …

The Challenge to Live Right


For all of us, this world we live in is only the place that will prepare us for eternity, and however many years each one of us have measures up to …

The Changes of Time


Many years ago, part of my family lived in the May area, in Southwest McDonald County of Southwest Missouri. It’s down on Buffalo Creek, west of the …

A Day Like No Other


Today is like no other in history. There are some resemblances to other days gone by, but now we live in a world that is much different. Life is not …

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