Society and Culture

The Real Problem We Face


There are many talk shows, columnists, news events and speeches given about the “why” of life. We listen as crazy people do terrible things to each …

What are a Leader's Qualifications?


In an election year, every person running for office is either running on their previous record or talking it up about the goals and qualifications …

Christians Must Take a Stand Now


Never before in history has America faced such a spiritual decline. America does not have a political problem, but a moral problem, and the …

What is the Difference?


Only God truly understands people. No one else understands each person on the earth today or at any other time like the One who created them. The …

Is it God in Whom We Still Trust?


America was founded to give people the right and freedom to worship the God of the Bible - freedom to worship the God of the universe without the …

The Christian and the Casino


There is a growing population of our so-called school fundraisers; by another name they are called casinos. Right now in the county next to where I …

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