Our Journey Never Has to End

Some people will go through life and never really tap into their purpose for others. They will have experiences that were devoted or orchestrated to teach them, to show them the reasons for being on this planet.

Yet, they will have missed those pivotal moments and go on and never really understand the very reason for their existence in life.

I, too, was that way for a while, but then God made some powerful connections that sometimes hurt badly; but it did open my eyes just enough to see that my life maybe did have some meaningful purposes…and we all do.

But for me, the road took many turns- mostly because I kept trying to grab the wheel. And most of what I’ve learned, of course, is in hindsight; but now I’ve learned to follow and grow from every experience.

When there is a man who still hasn’t came to the place he needs to be, you’ll find God is patient. For me, there were those little things that some of us dismiss- like help at just the right time, or being told there’s nothing wrong with your body by a doctor, when you know there was.

Some say, “Oh, that’s just luck.”

No, that’s my God.

He doesn’t operate in luck, but tries to show and teach us things that are needed for the journey later on.

In 1979, as I lied in a hospital- being given up on by some doctors who felt I would soon die from internal injuries from a wreck- there stood alongside me one that sticks closer than a brother, who held me and kept giving me my next breath until by His grace, I would recover.

He saw what others could not, that one day I would stop on my life’s journey and turn to follow His way. The road at times has had its ups and downs…things happen and still I don’t understand, but I follow One who does.

Eventually my journey will lead me to that place made not by mankind, but by the hands of the most loving and merciful God of grace.

There I’ll meet Him face to face, and for eternity our journey will be never ending.