Your Inheritance

Many people in life really miss so much of living it out. They spend so much of their time trying to build for this world or fight for a piece of what they can never really possess.

They fight and struggle for survival or getting ahead; while at the same time fall further away from their real destiny. They were created to obtain and accomplish something greater that is yet to come. 

They hold on to the very things that are sure to be given to someone else and never truly experience their created purpose. They don’t take time to ask the very One that put them here to begin with; they don’t study His book or try to maintain the most important areas of life. So many never see beyond themselves, and some of these people even go to church each week. 

God has such great plans for each of us, but we’ve got to know Him. The way to know Him is through accepting Jesus as Lord and humbling ourselves in prayer and the study of the Bible.

We can’t call Jesus “Lord” without knowing Him through prayer and the study of His Word. It’s all about the maintenance of our life here and for the life that is to come.

We are now preparing for an eternal future that we all will someday inherit. Yet we should not just maintain but go with a passion to really see great things accomplished for God’s purposes.

We should work on our heavenly inheritance and put aside our earthly one.