Why Won't We Look to Who Can Help?

In a day when there is much to shake the foundations of government, it still surprises me at how our elected and appointed officials scramble to find answers. They’ll have special meetings, they’ll make big speeches, they’ll come up with ideas of what it will take to meet the state’s shortfall, the federal government’s deficient and the world’s struggles, the county’s falling tax revenue and the city with the broken budget.

They spend hours upon hours of planning and more meetings. Yet many of those involved attend church each week and they sit there and hear of a God that parted a sea with the peoples’ backs against a mountain of troubles, or how God sent an angel out to stop the enemies and defeat a city that surrounded them (2 Kings 11).

How about a King named Hezekiah who knew the city would fall, yet he humbled himself and laid his problems before God, and God answered and helped?

There didn’t need to be a new law make or a tax increase on the people in those situations. The leaders of the people called upon God. They called upon godly people to fast and pray. They called upon godly leaders to come and intercede, for their problems were great, and they needed the great God of heaven and earth.

They remembered God’s words where it says: “If my people will humble themselves…I will hear...” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Have we elected people who no longer know this, or will they continue to ignore the One who still is God today and will help if we will ask Him and invite Him to do just that? If not, we will continue to spin our wheels and burden the people.