Why Are the Righteous Taken So Soon?

Have you ever wondered why the righteous are taken so soon?

This is a question that has always troubled me, as I’m sure it has troubled others. Why do we see a godly person die at an age when they should have lots of years left to live?

I don’t know that I have the answer and have to remind myself that God has His reasons that are right and have greater eternal purposes. Only time will give us the answers to why people who are pillars of strength to us or why a child who is so full of life and kindness would have to leave this world through the gate of death too soon.

Many have been crushed by the sudden loss of a relative or friend that seemed to be the picture of what was good and beamed with love. We are reminded that God doesn’t make mistakes and is in the business of working all things together to fix those who will let Him. We can read in the Bible (II Kings 22) the story of King Josiah who was a good king after so many bad ones, and he was only allowed to live a few years.

Why was Josiah’s life cut short when he was doing so much good? God is the only one who knows the answer. He is always in control.  

Don’t make the decision to blame God or get mad at Him. He truly understands our disappointments and knows just how deeply our hurts go.

There are many good men, women and children that will be an example of good and righteousness and will still leave this world too soon. Again, it won’t seem fair. But it all makes sense to God.

Our purpose is to get to heaven too and to point as many toward God’s eternal home as we can.

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