What is the Difference?

Only God truly understands people. No one else understands each person on the earth today or at any other time like the One who created them. The Bible says, “Did He who made me in the womb make them?” Job 31:15

It just amazes me how people claim to be right with God but are not right with others; sometimes it’s race or being poor or maybe those who have handicaps of some sort.

But what I’d like to address is those of the different Christian faiths.

The Bible clearly tells us that He is not a man and does not operate as mankind does. He’s God, and He can operate as He chooses, yet some seem to believe they have all the truth and their way only makes sense- and there’s where trouble starts.

Our wisdom is not even on the radar of God’s perfect understanding. God reveals the Bible to people in different ways, as long as that goes by the Bible. Anything separate from God’s Word is false and will lead you away from God’s truth and jeopardize your relationship with Him.

There’s only one true God, only one true Jesus and only one true way to them. God chooses to use people in many different ways for many different reasons, but always with only one purpose in mind: repentance of sins through Jesus Christ to live our lives by His instructions from His Word. When we don’t understand things about others that do this as well, we’d better just leave them alone and go about His business as he leads us.