What Can Jesus Do?

Some people think of Heaven as a place of peace, and it is. As a person reaches their mature years, they begin to ponder and wonder more often about this place the Bible calls Heaven.

However, to experience the wonderful peace of Heaven, we need to arrive there first. Some folks believe they are going to Heaven because they are quote-unquote “good people” or because God is good. But, that’s not what the Bible says.

Jesus says in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” Unless we accept Christ as our savior, surrender our lives and live for Him, there will be no place in heaven for us.

God has not made a place for us in Hell. God made Hell for Satan and his Demons. If we are to go to Hell, it will be because of our own actions. God has given us a will and the freedom to choose and make decisions.

No one loves us more than Jesus. He holds the key to unlocking the best life God has for us. By accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and living for Him, we are able to look forward to spending eternity in Heaven.

Only Jesus is able to give us this special gift, the gift of spending eternity in Heaven with Him. If we end up in Hell, it is because we have rejected Jesus. By that decision, we send ourselves to Hell.

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