Transgressions Forgiven


I went to do business with a company that provided a service I needed on a daily basis to conduct my business. This company explained that I needed a …

Can You Claim Mistaken Identity?


Several years ago at the church I attended, there was a man who had been coming for about a year. One day, he came up to me with recognition on his …

God knows all about you


God knows all about you (but are you sure you know all about him?) Almost everyone believes in God, and many people also believe they know God. But …

The Thing You're Looking For


If only you really knew how much God cares for you- if you would ever allow yourself to grasp the idea that God is very interested in your life all …

The Fruit of Salvation


There are some people who believe that they can come to salvation, and that is all they need to get to heaven. But where do you find that explanation …

You Win Regardless of the Score


That sounds nice: to never be on the loosing end. Well it can be that way, and it is when you’re on the right team. Some people would like to switch …

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