The Ark of Safety

The story starts in Genesis, Chapter 6. It is the story of Noah and the great flood. When God saw how sinful mankind had become, He decided to bring an end to this kind of behavior, and He did. God is a very patient God, but He says that He will not be mocked continually by what He created.

Today we are again very close to the edge of seeing God’s hand move against mankind’s sinfulness. He will not tolerate continual, sinful behavior. But still, God has built an ark for those who want the safety from the coming wrath of a Holy God.

Genesis is the first book of the Bible and tells the story of Noah, and the last book of the Bible is Revelation, which tells the story of the return of Jesus. He’s coming to take to heaven those who have lived for him, those who have accepted Jesus as the Son of God, those who have personally asked Him to forgive them and received Him as the Savior from their sinful lifestyles.

As the Bible says, there is safety from the Day of Judgment coming. Jesus is our only ark that will save us, and without Him we will find ourselves on the outside when the storms of life come. Life’s problems will crush us without Him, and in eternity we will be separated from Him in a place of torment.

This isn’t what God wants. He wants us in His ark of safety, but He will give us the choice, and by our choice we will seal our eternal destiny.

Without God, there is no peace, no safety, and there is no heaven outside the ark, but inside all you will ever need in this life and the eternal one to come is through heaven’s door, Jesus His Son.

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