Some Leave Everyday

In this world we live in, 150,000 people die every day. Most of them are people you will never know here on earth, and some you will know very well.

As more people populate the earth, the number leaving goes up. In reality, there can be two deaths a person is given: the physical death most of us know about, and the spiritual death which will come if we are separated from God at the time of judgment.

If we have neglected God here, you can be assured we are probably going to experience that again in a place called Hell. Our lives here on earth are going to count for eternity based on how we live, who we live for and- most of all- what we do about Jesus, God’s Son.

The Bible tells us in Acts 4:12 that if we accept Jesus as Lord of our lives through repentance and by letting Him live through us so that others can see His character in us, we will only die once physically but live eternally in Heaven. It’s a place where there is never any more sickness or crying over life’s disappointments, but it’s also indescribable for mankind to understand.

So as each day here vanishes, 150,000 will die daily, and one of those days it will be you or me; only God knows for certain. But we can know for certain where we are going if we’ve accepted Jesus into our lives and given Him the reins of life to steer us through to eternity.

Who holds the reins of your future?

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