So You Think You're Okay

As a boy I was raised in church; then for several years I went away from it, only to find that I didn’t have to experience so much disappointment if only I’d allow God to have control of my heart. I wouldn’t have caused others and myself so many hurts.

I can’t go back and change the past, but I can live like God intended for me to for the rest of my days here on earth. God knows the hour in which I’m going to draw my last breath here, just like He does yours. What amazes me is how people look at their lives here and the ideas they have about when their lives are over.

For instance, I’ve heard many funerals preached and words spoken about people when they’re gone that they were some kind of a great Christian person; yet I, and many others, only knew them as some ornery cuss that never spoke of God except to take His name in vain. I’ve wondered a few times if I was at the right funeral of someone I knew when the preacher would speak of how they were now in heaven, when those of us could only remember them raising hell all the time.

I’m not the final judge and neither is anyone else but when someone leaves this earth the Bible does tell us “we will be known by the fruit we produce.” If it’s bad fruit it is eventually going to be taken and thrown into the fire. You can find out more in the Bible in Matthew 3:10 and 7:17 or Luke 13:5-9.

For some reason people say “yes” when they are asked that they’re all right with God, yet there is never evidence of His presence in their lives. The Bible says that unless you resemble being one of His then you are not. You’re only fooling yourself, and if you continue to think you’re all right with God when you’ve really never spent any quality time with Him, I fear that in the end many will go a much different direction from where God is.

It doesn’t have to be a guessing game. You can settle this issue now. Call upon Jesus. He knows for sure if things are okay between you and Him, and He will help you to get things right if you’ll let Him.

You’ll have to turn your life over to His ways and give up yours. Once you do, you’ll find out like I did that His ways are best and I don’t have to fight my battles in this life anymore, for He does it for me.

Mark hosts Crosspoint each week on KNEO radio and is the President of Sky High Broadcasting. Mark’s e-mail is [email protected].

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