Nothing is New to God

Our Creator, the one who has created all things, also knows all things; even that of the inevitability of the future. We don’t see what all tomorrow holds, but God does into eternity concerning us. That means how we live today and the results of it tomorrow.

The book of Acts, chapter 15, mentions in Verse 8 that God knows the heart. He knows just what you’re thinking and what you’re going to do. Verse 18 says it best where you can find the word, “Known to God from eternity, are all his works.”

You see, He knows all that needs to be done and has already been done concerning whatever your life is going to require; He’s got it ready. That is, if you’re willing to go along with His way of doing things.

Only God knows how to make all things new. They’re not new to Him, but for you He has made them that way to help show you that He’s concerned about what you really need. In God’s eyes and wisdom, everything that’s going to happen here has happened; now we enter into these areas every day going about our journey that has been laid out if we chose to follow His directions.

This can only continually happen if we know Him by way of His Son Jesus. You may not understand why certain things turn out the way they do, but that’s where faith comes in. Believe, trust in who God is because He is. He’s God, and you’re not going to fail if you put your life before Him daily. Your journey will be truer than any other way you could ever have gone.

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