God is at Work in our Shepherd Days

Almost everyone who knows something about the Bible has heard the story of David and Goliath, where David, a young shepherd boy of probably 16, stood up to and killed the opposing army’s champion who was nearly 9 feet tall and a skilled soldier. David came to the battle to visit his brothers only to see an army afraid to fight and a king who didn’t know how to motivate his soldiers, for Goliath would challenge them every day.

Now David had fought before, but not against a man, and had killed a lion and a bear who threatened to kill the sheep of which he was in charge. And of all things, his main weapon was a sling shot. 

So here David sees the army frightened of this giant, this giant who curses the one true God. David, whose love for God compels him to challenge this giant of a man, knows in his size and strength that he can’t defeat this warrior but trusts God to do it through him.  David believes that the same God who helped him in fights with a bear and a lion will now help him win a fight with a giant. David didn’t trust in his own strength to win the battle, but by faith he believed in his God to battle for him. He trusted God.

We all have our Shepherd days where God teaches us and helps us win battles. Small ones at first- and if we will stand with Him, there will be more victories. And then there will be those Goliath moments when it will take faith in God alone to see us get through a tremendous battle ahead. He’s the same God that helped David and is the very same God that will help you meet the Goliaths of life and win every victory. No matter the challenge, God has prepared you for such a time as this.

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