Can You Claim Mistaken Identity?

Several years ago at the church I attended, there was a man who had been coming for about a year. One day, he came up to me with recognition on his face.

“I know who you are,” he recalled.

“Well, who am I,” I asked?

“You are the guy who did this and did that.”

He had put two and two together, finally remembering who I was.

I looked at him and told him yes, I was the person who did all those things and, yes I still looked like that person. “But you really don’t know who I am today.”

You see, when Jesus is allowed to really come into a person’s life, there are going to be some changes. Yes, we may still look like our past identity, but who we are has changed. Our lives are not our own anymore, and a genuine inner change reflects outwardly over time.

Sure, that man thought he recognized me physically, but what was more important was that he knew me spiritually. He now saw me as who I am in Christ.

We all have a past, some uglier than others, but God assures us when we become His child that old things are put away and all things are made new. 

I no longer walk through life as I once was because I am in God’s relocation program. I have a changed heart and a new identity in Christ.

A new life- a real life, an eternal life- through Jesus Christ our Lord, who has offered himself freely to all who will accept their new identity through Him.

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