Aging Preparations

Aging is God’s idea. It is the way He keeps us heading toward home. It is our friend if we have served Him while here on earth. No one can reverse this process, though some try as much as they can. All we can do is change our attitude about it.

When flowers die at the end of their season, we always anticipate that very soon they’ll bloom again. With people, the process is immediate; as soon as you die here on earth, you’ll be given new life to live forever. 

The heavens await for those that are Christians. The angels watch and are ready to rejoice when they see the time drawing to an end for the Christian here on earth.

While others here are saddened, great joy is awaiting to be sounded for a child of God has now made it to their eternal home. Every wrinkle takes us a step closer to the final stepping off place to meet Jesus- and for those that have been Christ’s followers, their old bodies will be exchanged for new ones. Their service here on earth is now over. There will be no more suffering, no more depression, no more sickness, and no pain of any kind.

In a moment, in just the blink of an eye, a person will be changed forever when they belong to Jesus, and nothing can ever change that again. You’ll be safe forevermore.

But for those who do not know Jesus, who have neglected their relationship with Him, there awaits a fate worse than death itself, an appointment with Satan that no one should ever keep.

Call upon Jesus now while there is still time. Don’t put it off. Jesus is the only way to heaven’s eternal living arrangements. He died to make it possible for you to go there. The alternative is not something you want to experience.

By: Mark Taylor
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