Would You Like to Start Your Life Over?

How many of us would like to go back and redo our life, or at least some parts of it? Just think of it, to be able to go back and have done some things differently, to have the ability to take back some words we wished we would not have said or to have said something to someone we didn’t before. What if all of us could go back and change some areas of life before they happened?

Why would you do this? To have helped another, or could it be that you wouldn’t live with a regret so you’d feel better? You know, from now on, this life you live can be lived with a change where you no longer are under guilt and can make each day one that holds no more regrets.

Yes, there is a way, and only one way. If you make the effort, you’ll find someone there to help you, someone who can at times even go back where you made mistakes and also take care of all things to come.

There is only one way that this can happen, and some people will come to a point where they will want to change, and others who still want control of their lives will go on making more mistakes. But it doesn’t have to be that way; the decision is yours today if you want it.

Here’s what you have to do. Colossians 2:13-14 tells that Jesus came sent by God to cancel out all our mistakes, every transgression. The Bible also tells us in Acts 26:18 that if we turn from doing the things that are unpleasing to God, our past will have no dominion over us.

Would you like to start your life over? You can by accepting Jesus as your Lord, giving over your future to Him, and He has the power to do just that. To find out more, read His words found only in the Bible.

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