Why Do They?

When we are brought into this world, we are born into physical life by a man and a woman. For a time we remain under the grace of God, until there is a time- and it’s different for each person- where we reach the age of accountability.

This is where we realize sin and the option of sin or salvation through Jesus Christ. At this point people then have to begin to make the real decision…or right from wrong. Truth and lies are at all levels of this world. The choices one makes will determine the eternal destiny we will have at the end of our life journey here.

Everyday, millions of people go about their day breathing the air provided by God, drinking in some form of water provided by God, working to make money with strength given to them by God, a brain with which to think created by God, information to know how to do many things given by God. Yet why do most grieve Him- the very source of life and provider of all things?

Well, I’m afraid the answer is: people only think of themselves. It has to hurt God’s heart to watch so many that He’s given life and provided resources to that never say “thank you,” or never acknowledge His part in their lives.

People buy more things to occupy their time and forget to give God His. Some use His name in curse words and blasphemy because they have gotten so far away from their Maker.

But what has to truly hurt God is for those who say they know Him, those that go to a church each week, but are just the same as those who never draw near the doors of a church. That has to be the ultimate disrespect: to say we know God and are completely ignorant of Him and His true ways.

At one time, I was one of those at every level, but no longer. When I got to know Jesus as my real friend, He forgave me; I knew for sure something had changed.

How about you? Do you know without a doubt that Jesus has really changed you, or have you tried to just convince yourself He has?

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