What Regrets Will We Have?

The Bible tells us that mankind is appointed to die here on earth, but this is not our final destination. You and I have watched people pass away, and death is a difficult part of life. Sometimes more so than others, depending on the person and the life they’ve lived here.

Now, for most of you, there haven’t been those near-death experiences; but for a few still living there has been. I’m one of those with a near-death experience. For several days during the summer of 1979, I lied in a hospital bed and doctors gave me little hope that I would recover from injuries I’d sustained in a wreck.

My life now seemed to possibly be coming to an end. Because of my semi-conscious state, there was little I could do but lie helplessly as others prayed for a miracle in my recovery.

Well, God still had a plan for me because I’m still here today, but many others that have been at that point aren’t.

When we reach that end in life, one reflects a lot on the past, such as what’s been done or wished hadn’t been done. There are some happy memories and some that are not.  There will be regrets, those things we wished we had done but didn’t or had done differently. Most generally, it is too late to go back and change those areas.

So my thought for you today is: if your life was to end in the next 12 hours, what regrets would you possible have? Broken relationships or deeds that should have been done? Would you wish you had done more with family, or more to serve God? If you had only 12 hours left to live, God is who you will be meeting one minute after the 12 hours are up. 

No matter what regrets you might have, there is still time to make wrongs right and find peace with God. You’ll need His help, but He understands all your regrets and still knows best how to go about fixing it now before it is too late.

Jesus is the only way to eternal life. Find out more in the Bible by reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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