What Makes Us Different

All of us look a little different on the outside. There are a variety of folks and all kinds of people, yet all have one particular thing in their body makeup that makes each living person the same.

No doctor or scientist has ever discovered this, but everyone has a driving force, something that is different than our human faith. It’s our spiritual soul, and every person has one.

It causes us to long for something different, and many people try to find out how to truly satisfy this spiritual organ that mankind cannot see, but God can. Look at everything around you, especially animals.

They breathe life and eat as we do, yet they come into this world in the same clothing they will die with. They are made for this world and they fit here. They can live outside, winter or summer, in the same clothing they came with.

However, we can’t. We would die in extreme cold conditions without the proper clothing.

God didn’t make us for this world; just to be passing through to another. That is why mankind is truly never satisfied, and won’t be, in this place. The soul of mankind can never find rest in a place not meant for it.

God has something much better to present to you to fill this longing in your soul. The question now is, “Do you want it?”

We will all experience everlasting life, but the question is: “Where?” There are only two places that exist for this everlasting life: heaven and hell.

So which one would you like to have your soul go to? If you hold on to the things of this world too tightly, it won’t be heaven. But if you reach out to God through His Son Jesus and place your life in His hands, then your soul will find rest and peace.

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