What Does it Mean to be Serving God?

I talk to people all the time like you do. In my conversations with them, I mention God, and many times our discussion may get off on areas of serving God, or they will say something about how their family is doing and how their children are serving God and how they are thankful they are all saved. 

Well, let’s look at the areas of serving God. People say they are a servant of God, or they serve God because they have been saved. So what does it mean to serve God? Just being saved isn’t being one who serves God like a servant who would be doing something.

If we are truly serving God, how are we? Do you teach Sunday School, work in the church in some place as a janitor, hand out bulletins, visit the sick, witness about your faith, go on mission trips, or maybe financially support those who can if you can’t.

Are you continually praying for the pastor, their family, the church itself? Are you praying for the lost, those away from God? Daily, weekly; if you say you are serving the Lord or your family members are, how are they?

Let’s not just get comfortable in being saved but being busy with our salvation, serving in the roles, and doing the things that God has given us the ability to do if we will just do them.

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