What are a Leader's Qualifications?

In an election year, every person running for office is either running on their previous record or talking it up about the goals and qualifications they have for the office they are seeking. I’ve heard it said, as I’m sure you have during these election periods, that the best choice is the candidate with the most in-depth experience or how concerned they are to serve your interest for the goal of America.

I’d like to ask you to consider some other leadership qualifications. A person should have qualifications that aren’t so much geared toward experience or great qualities, but ones of character, integrity and morality. You see, even a person with great abilities to communicate and to lead can still be dishonest. Good people can be tempted, and will be.

It’s the character of a person that makes the person do what’s right, not what is always in the best interest of a few people. Good people can go wrong, but one with true character- if molded by God- will do what’s right regardless of the outcome.

Every time a political candidate lists qualifications and information, most list being a member of a church. However, few are willing to stand up for her when decisions become difficult or there could possibly be loss if they take a stand.

God called the church His bride; that this is who He is returning for: a church which has not compromised its character, took its lumps and stood for its own principles instead of man’s. It is not popular at times to go against the establishment, but it will be tougher when leaders have to answer to God for why they didn’t.

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