We Must Disappear

All of us like to be seen or known by others and almost everyone at one time or another likes to be noticed. So when we are, what is it that people see; what kind of person are you? Who are you when you are noticed by others?

The Bible tells us of a different way and it’s with only a few words: in John 3:30, where it says, He must increase, and I must decrease. So what is that all about?

It’s Jesus saying: you must quit wanting to be seen so much by others. If you are a Christian, it should be Jesus who people see in you, not yourself; it is the life of Jesus touching others.

I work at praying daily that people will not see me as much, for my fleshly ways are not always as they should be. I want my life to reflect the life of Christ living through me.

I can’t save people from Hell, but Jesus can! I can’t change the world, but Jesus can! I can’t heal the hurts and diseases of others, but Jesus can!

People need to see Jesus, and I must become as invisible as possible. It isn’t always an easy thing to do- especially with the issues we face daily- but I must strive to be different and only Jesus can make that happen.

My life exists only to serve God’s kingdom, and so does yours. When we grasp that truth in our heart, then it becomes easier for us to decrease in ourselves and let Jesus bring increase for others to see.

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