We Continue to Forget the Manual

So very many continue to go on about this life that they have been given to live day after day and still not even consider that their lives were originally created for a purpose; that there is a layout that’s been drawn up which contains the plan needed for every day of their lives.

Yet each day so many people go about trying to live and build in a world that constantly fights against them- not even one that they can ever fully possess or own- but they still build their lives for the things the world offers them.

People go about their own business day in and day out. They forget- or try not to think- about that one day it all will stop, that there will be an end; for some, sooner rather than later.

For others, there could be a good number of years, but who could know that time correctly? Only one does.

There is one- and no one else- who knows the exact departure of every person ever born or alive today, and He is concerned about every one of us, much more than we are of Him.

What’s really a shame is that so many of those that go to church and have several of God’s manuals around them still have no real idea of the value of His word and how it can transform their lives. Way too many people neglect God’s manual for life. There are answers to their struggles, their disappointments, questions about death and life, help for marriages, and guidance for tough decisions.

If you truly apply yourself to God’s word, you’ll find answers. Even when you don’t understand them, you can have peace.

It takes a lot of pressure off the people who understand that they don’t have to strive so hard to make it in this world. There is someone that’s much wiser than they are; one who has already charted a course for them that if they’ll follow, they’ll find much more happiness.

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