How hard is it for you to wait? There are times when you can’t wait, there are times when you choose to wait, and there are times when you have no choice but to wait.

Waiting can be a hard decision for us. Sometimes waiting has paid off, and sometimes we miss an opportunity when we shouldn’t. Some people have made fortunes because they patiently waited while others lost everything because they waited too long. Sometimes people miss out on a lifetime of happiness with the right person because they wait for just the right sign, while others live with regret because they acted too quickly.

Most of us have gained in some way because we waited, and we also have missed out because we didn’t wait in a situation. Regardless of the issue at hand, sometimes waiting can be a tough place to be in as we journey through this life. Most of us can make snap decisions but prefer to take time to think through a choice. It is also nice to have someone to ask questions or get advice from.

Remember, timing is very important to God. We need to pray that He will help us stay in His perfect timing and not get ahead or lag behind. Peace to get moving comes when we are alert to the promptings of God.

He knows the exact amount of time for us to be in a holding pattern by waiting, the perfect time for us to move forward, and the right time for us to just walk away. Yes, waiting can be nerve-racking. But the scriptures tell us what God says about waiting: Those who hopefully wait, we will not be put to shame.

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