Transgressions Forgiven

I went to do business with a company that provided a service I needed on a daily basis to conduct my business. This company explained that I needed a couple of letters of credit and references to set up my service. The lady asked if I had done business with them before.

I said, “Yes, I had but it was many years ago.” They looked through years of files and finally found mine. It had a small balance that had never been paid.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It had been at least twenty-five years since I had done business with them.

I was informed that I would have to pay the balance; the letter of credit and references would not be adequate, and I would also have to pay a large deposit to receive their service.

I wonder how many people come to the end of their lives only to realize they have un-forgiven sin between them and God; sin they may not even realize they had committed.

I asked to talk to someone higher in authority and gave him the name of a person that I knew worked there who might be able to help me. The man answered his page and was told the situation and that the accounting rules had to be followed. The manager came to my defense, said that he knew me and waived all that was against me. I received the service I needed with no strings attached. 

I believe that God allowed me to understand through this experience that all of us have past due accounts in our lives. Yet when we go to the higher authority, Jesus, we are forgiven and the account is made current.

Psalm 32:1 says, “Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sin is covered.” 

One day each of us will have to give an account of our lives. Man always remembers our transgressions, but if we have asked Jesus to forgive us then no record will be found. The penalties have all been waived.

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