To Have Favor

It is a very comforting thing to have favor in areas of our life. Some obtain favor because they know someone, or hold a high position; therefore they have special access at times to places others may not have.

To have favor granted to you, to move forward in life, is an unseen blessing, and to keep it may require some real work to be done. But the bottom line is: we do all enjoy having favor at times.

What about those people who abuse favor? There are some who do just that; they are given some special privilege or opportunity only to squander it, mainly due to lack of integrity.

Every hour of the day people do that to God. He gives them the very air they breathe, yet they use it at times to curse Him. He provides food before them to eat, yet they waste or abuse it.

God permits a person to have a job and make money, yet many times that same person buys what they want and never give God back a dollar of it.

Then God allows us to raise children. He says to do so in His image (Genesis 1:26), yet we train them to be like us and don’t teach them who God is. We try to make them into people God didn’t need them to be, but we think we know best.

We have our needs met, but we want more; we want what this entire world has to offer, yet it can only sustain us a mere 70 or 80 years.

God shows us favor even when we don’t acknowledge him in a day’s time. We need God’s favor, and we need to recognize Him for it. We need to honor Him by obeying what He asks of us: to go to church, to financially support His work, and to show our appreciation of all He does; because when you lose God’s favor in your life, you really lose direction and purpose.

It doesn’t have to be that way. God’s favor starts at accepting Jesus into your heart and living life by His ways.

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