Those Who Lead the Sheep

This year, people will again be given the right to vote, make a decision and take a side. Politics have shaped much of our country and influenced every life in one way or another.

Instead of holding to ideals our forefathers held to be valuable, many of our political leaders have begun to follow new values. There are few who will stick to the morals that helped form our nation. To hear the truth is becoming more and more rare.

And why? The very institutions that are supposed to be teaching morals and truth have also been found lacking. Churches and denominations that at one time had great influence on our government have now taken the same look as the world, and they’re no longer being salt and light as the Bible describes.

In dealing with many churches over a year’s time, I know there are some good ones, but there are also some that have compromised and watered down the Gospel of Jesus so much they wouldn’t know Him if He sat down in the Sunday service.

Some pastors would make fine politicians because they have found out how to maneuver people for their own benefit. There are many pastors who are dedicated to serving the Lord and caring for the people they serve.

But in Jeremiah 50:6, we find a warning for church leaders to be good leaders and not play games with God’s people. It says, “My people have been lost sheep, their shepherds have lead them astray.” People who have been given positions of authority, whether in Churches or politics, had better be aware of the consequences of their decisions. They will be held accountable for every person they represent by the highest court in heaven, the great white throne of judgment. 

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