The Real Problem We Face

There are many talk shows, columnists, news events and speeches given about the “why” of life. We listen as crazy people do terrible things to each other and hear from this expert or that psychologist why they did it.

We see political people make outrageous laws that don’t even make sense. We watch television shows trying to explain current events that seem to have some connection to another dimension of life.

There are popular radio talk show hosts talking to people everyday about the problems this group is causing or what is happening to America and other countries around the world. We seem to go in a big circle with this expert commentator explaining why this happened or what might happen next.

Well, I guess you get the point. We live in a confusing world, and it is not getting better.

Why? Because we never address the sin problem or even realize that sin is the problem. If people would live by the Bible’s standard, there would be no divorce, adultery, killing or war; none of this. But sin enters in.

There is only one way to change this downward spiral; it is by turning from sin and following Jesus. However, for now, sin does have its grip, and therefore we are going to stay in this battle until we give up our ways for His.

All other changes are going to fall short. Now we still have a choice, but will we still have one tomorrow?

Jesus’ return is soon. We need to be ready, because He is coming!

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