The Real Identity Theft

How many people do you know who call themselves a Christian? And how many of them do you feel live a real, true, Bible-based Christian life?

Let’s start with who’s a real Christian. What does the Bible say in Mark 8? It talks about taking on the cross of Christ and following Him.

In John 10:26 Jesus said if any man serves, let him follow me. To be a follower of Christ means you truly must believe and show that by how you live.

Jesus said, “Deny yourself and follow me.” There is a big stumbling block for many that won’t deny themselves. They are going to take care of their own priorities first and that is not following Christ.

Why do many who consider themselves Christians go about their business and expect Jesus to follow along beside or behind them? That is not what a Christian is.

People either follow and obey Christ or they don’t. What we end up having is a lot of people who go throughout their day making other people believe they are Christians when they are really far from God in the first place.

They’ve misled people and caused them to believe they are Christians because the only way they can identify with a Christian is by masking their true identity. This is not what Jesus has said a follower is.

Take a good evaluation of your own life. Has your identity been stolen by the world or is it held by Christ?

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