The Real Force of WWII

Many of us know about our second world war. The country of Germany raised its head against Europe to become the greatest power of all. Hundreds of books and dozens of movies have portrayed what it was like and how it was stopped.

But, historians have verified the real force behind the force of Adolph Hitler. Yes, he had a great fighting army and much influence over the people, but how did he? Historians researched Hitler’s background to find that he sought the help of occult powers of the kingdom of darkness to grip the people of Germany with a spiritual force, and then attacked country after country.

He hated Jews, the very ones who were God’s chosen people. This demonic influence is what drove this man to almost total domination of Europe. He controlled the church, and killed any Christian pastor that stood up against him. What finally stopped Hitler and his demonic quest to eventually rule the world were prayer and people crying out to God.

There are written accounts of Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain that shows Churchill was convinced that the real battle of World War II was between Christendom and Hitler’s sinister paganism. As Britain was drawn into the war, Churchill called for prayer and faith in God. He himself brought his faith out of his prayer closet, and took it to the people to call upon them to call upon the greatest power there is to help.

That’s what turned Hitler back and started his fall. Not by man’s power and strength, but by God’s Spirit did the direction of World War II change, and the power of darkness was turned back.