The Plan of Purpose

Did you know that God has completely worked out every detail of your life?  Before you ever drew a breath of air into your lungs God had mapped out every single day of your life’s journey. 2nd Corinthians 5:5 says that God has prepared us for this and if we will work at staying the course He gave us, our journey through life will be different.

Okay, somebody says, “I’m older and missed most of the plan and did my own thing.” God is still the same God, and if you ask for forgiveness then He will give it, but all must pass through His son Jesus. If you repent of your sins, Jesus is just to forgive them and then start over, getting hold of that ship’s wheel and helping you stay the course of God’s plans.

It’s never too late as long as you’re alive and willing. Way too many steer their own paths for life’s journey and at the end will have to give an account of why.

Some think they let God direct their lives, but in reality, they were in charge. They pretty much control what they want and never ask God’s opinion on decisions they make. Oh, they want His blessings, but they won’t get them.

You see, God has a plan for each one of us, a Plan A; and there is not a plan B. We make up Plan B, but God’s plan for purpose never changes; only we do. His ways stay the same.

Make sure that you follow His Word, seek Him daily and you’ll stay on course. It is never too late to engage His plan of purpose for your life.

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