The Book

Men and women helped to preserve this book ever since the writings first appeared upon the face of this earth. Thousands of years later, it still survives; its words are not outdated, but only to the ones who don’t want to understand them.

The messages of these writings have been passed from generation to generation. In a period of about 1,600 years, over 40 men began to put these messages into scripture book form as they were moved by the Holy Spirit of God; not by human wisdom, but wisdom given to them by God himself.

This book has all the answers for today’s world as it has every time in history that it’s passed before. It was first translated into the English language around 1388, and first published in America in 1752.

It’s been republished in hundreds of different languages for the people of the whole world to have. There are 66 different books- 39 before Jesus came onto the scene, and 27 after that.

The book is made up of 1,189 chapters and over 31,000 verses. It contains more than 800,000 words.

It tells any person alive how to live and how not to live. It explains the road that leads to eternal life.

This very book contains the most important words you’ll ever need, the very instructions of how you can make it through this world of many challenges. It holds the most important words one could ever read and certainly ever follow.

Almost every man and woman gets married with this book as part of the ceremony.  Politicians are sworn into office with this book. The founders of America used this very book to set the standards for government and education.

For many years, Supreme Court justices had to sign their name in it to take the oath of this highest court in the land. Thousands of people have given their lives as martyrs for this book, for every word of it is alive and can never be quenched.

So why is it that a book with so much power would be ignored by so many today?  Well, because its truths bring change and conviction to the reader. It’s the very book that can connect anyone to all the answers needed for this life, yet it is many times put aside. When given a choice, many choose not to let it speak to them, for it reveals things they don’t want to see and know.

You probably have one in your house right now. Are you allowing it to help you, or do you think that your less than 100 years of knowledge knows more than an eternity of wisdom from wisdom’s creator?

You will pass away one day soon, but this even says “My words will never pass away.”  The bible has the answers – the question is, do you want to really live by them? Even if you fail them at times, they have a way to help you start again.

This book is the manual to everything you’ll ever need to know.

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