Spiritual Hot Checks

Today, the world is in fast motion. All over the planet you can see event after event unfold, some good and some not so good…and some just really bad. Yet everyday people get up and start again going to and fro, building and preparing for the days ahead, thinking of tomorrow but really never seeing it- for there are always tomorrows.

Many times, we build our lives on the foundations of our securities. We try to secure a good future and that is important to everyone, building toward the day they can take it a little easier or get to do things and go places they weren’t able to before, and of course just getting to spend some time having fun doing the things they want to do. So we all march on toward that future, storing up resources for it, yet so many never consider near enough the real future that we all will enter at some point and how much are we investing now for an eternal place that will affect us all.

I watch people who hardly ever give God’s eternity any real thought, or they think they do by doing a few good deeds and attending some religious services, and they’ve never been a “really bad” person anyways, but they think they are doing ok with God. They never realize they could just be writing and depositing spiritual hot checks into an account that holds no value.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:21, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

The Christian life is not a religious one but a life lived with a greater expectation of the day when Jesus will say, “Enter in; well-done, good and faithful servant.”

What kind of deposits are you making in your heavenly accounts? Are you overdrawn, taking out more than you’ve given back? There is an account that will be revealed, and only those things done for Christ’s intended purposes will count as true deposits into eternity.

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