Selling Off the Things of God

The day in which the church now lives has become a much different place than 100 years ago. It’s not because God has changed, for He’s the same as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Rather, it’s the people who make up the church that changed.

We live in a world that demands change, almost in every area of life. The bottom line is that they usually get it. The world and its ways seem to set the pace of all people, even the church, and this shouldn’t be.

Within the bible in the books of Kings, you’ll find that as time moves through those two books, the people continue to allow sinful things to rule their lives, and when trouble comes, they strip the Temple, “the church,” and give away its precious valuables to enemy forces to keep them from being taken over.

They have forgotten to trust God to help and relied on their own means, and yet it never works. By the end of II Kings, the Temple is taken over, destroyed, and all the people put into captivity.

I’m afraid this is happening again today. The church wants to bargain with the world to be tolerant of activities directly against scripture, and so some strip the church of its real treasures and make them no more valuable than any other man-made things the world has to offer.

Some of “God’s people” have allowed ungodly situations to continue and have not been willing to take a stand. Now we will face at some point a judgment for our neglect of not being the light and salt the bible tells us to be.

If Christians don’t live godly standards and stand up for them, who will? Some of the churches today have tried to be an ally with the world by selling its standards off so they can live together in peace, but God will never allow His true church to make peace with a world that rejects His principles and truths.

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