When asked, nearly every person says they have some sort of a relationship between themselves and God. I’ve hardly ever met someone who doesn’t indicate this when asked or when in group discussions.

We all have relationships with others, and there are various levels of these while on this journey of life. Some of our relationship with others come and go, and that will most likely be the case as we cross paths with other people.

However, there is one relationship above all others that will make all the difference for here and our eternal future, and that is what we do with our relationship with God- more so with what relationship we have with Jesus, His Son.

I’ve heard people say that they spend time with God everyday on their way to work by listening to Christian music, teaching and radio, or by praying. That’s okay, but that is not a relationship. It’s a convenient way for most so they don’t have to get up so early to spend time with God or if they have other things to take care of, so they try and give God some part as they hurry to work.

There are those who say they have devotions with God each day… but where? While you’re eating breakfast, or during a day-by-day devotion book stashed in the bathroom?

In reality, people do take time for God, but at their convenience – not His. I wonder how Jesus feels and how God looks at someone who takes time only when it’s convenient to show interest in them. Just how long will you keep a friend or a spouse when you treat them the same way?

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