Our Mission

I believe, with all that I understand about the Bible at this point and with all that I see happening in the world, that we are living in days of great interest to many people. If we are trying to discern the times we live in, out attitude might be either, “I could care less,” or, “Should I be making a difference in this season?” This is a heart choice we all have to make and a decision we have to live with.

Never before in history have events fallen in order, directly preparing us for changes that are coming. There is a feeling of urgency among us to set our houses in order and be about the business of heaven, yet some don’t want to think about what might happen to change life as we know it.

Others are young and still want their shot at life and don’t take the message they hear seriously. We need to be prepared. What we hear on the next newscast could completely spin our plans in a different direction.

We also need to have faith. Not one of the challenges ahead of us will catch God in heaven unaware. His name is Jehovah, “God with us.” He has a plan mapped out concerning our lives.

Christians must be committed not merely to survival but to be on the offense, attacking the enemy that wants to destroy God’s people. There is nothing more powerful than God’s Word for us to use and the enemy knows this. He will fight with all the fury of hell but cannot win.

If you claim Jesus as Lord and yourself to be a Christian, your mission for the future is clear. Love the Lord with all your heart, follow His ways and advance His kingdom.

Time is passing to that moment when time will be no more. What will your impact on the future be?

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