Most Know the Answer

In everyday life there are many ups and downs, many cares, and some joy. Life at times is somewhat of a roller coaster experience. When life is good, most generally all is well; but when life turns sour and our life experiences become pretty heavy, life can be a very hard place to walk through.

At this point, people seem to search more for answers, and if difficulties continue, depression can get its grip, and one problem just piles upon another.

I know we all have our days, good or bad- and no one likes the bad ones. So we look for answers, but the reality is that we know them already. When life seems hopeless, we know where there is hope- at least 95% of us do.

So if we know where the real answer lies, why won’t most people pick it up and do something to help them get past the disappointments?

You can find many references to this very thing in the bible. Oh yeah, God is the answer, and in the bible, Mark 1 tells of the rich young ruler who asks, “What shall I do to find eternal happiness.” Jesus told him, “Put away what you want and do what I do,” but this man wouldn’t do that even though he knew it was right.

That is the very same principal why people today still won’t find true peace in their lives. They love the things of this world too much, and they know that giving some of these up will cost them some temporary pleasures or advancements. They would rather exchange eternal happiness for these temporary things.

Here is what else the bible says in Matthew 20:1, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Which one are you like today?

Oh, most of us know where the true answer lies, but what will you do with it?

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