He Is All

God is the true Father of mankind. He is God, and He alone created you. He knew you before you were ever born. He picked your earthly parents and He decided the family you would enter the world through. He sees every day of your life before it ever was, and He knows every experience you’re going to feel or have.

He knows of all your struggles before they happen, your low times and your happy experiences. He felt your pain with you- whether physical or emotional- and touched your sicknesses. Only God can see inside your body and know what parts to heal.

He knows what battles your mind has to fight and habits you must break. God sees you through confusion and can make the way clear. He knows the end of that which concerns you now, and He sees all your victories ahead of your life.

He numbered every day that you’ll ever have on earth. He’s watched as you’ve searched for answers. He already has them before the question was ever asked. He hears all your prayers before they are said and always give you the best directives. He understands your heart’s desires. He’s always completely aware of your situation in life.

So why would anyone want to ever go follow others who don’t have the information God has? If you’ll participate with His ways, He will lead you to accomplish great things here on earth as it is in heaven. Through Jesus Christ our Lord is where we all must start, and He will take care from then on.

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