Have You Ever Considered?

Many of us go about our daily routine in the order and time they need to be completed. We all have tasks that require our attention- work, family and church.

Do we ever really think about what day it is? We may not even consider this day an important day at all.  Allow me to shed some light on the importance of this day.

In Jeremiah 1:5 we read, “God said, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you came out of the womb I sanctified you.’ ”

You wonder why? Because God has a plan for you; a daily plan for your life. We miss out on God’s plan when we get so involved in the daily chores we forget to listen for His voice. God has already seen every day of your life and He knows how many days you have left.

Shouldn’t we take time every day to consider what God might want us to do this day?  Why has He given us another day on the planet? Is there something He wants from us that would contribute to His kingdom work?

Remember, we are here for a purpose. No matter how big or how small our contribution might be, it is important to God. When our lives center around doing God’s will and not around our schedules, the more productive, peaceful and blessed they will be.

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